If you happen to own a smartphone or tablet then chances are that you have already heard about Gorilla Glass. Corning’s product is used in more than four billion mobile devices across the globe and now it appears to be set to take the automotive world by storm. Ford is going to be one of the first car manufacturers to use Gorilla Glass for the front windshield and rear window of the upcoming Ford GT.

Even though the Ford Motor Company is likely to be the first car manufacturer to use Gorilla Glass for the windshield and rear window but they aren’t the first manufacturer to actually use the glass. BMW beat it to the punch as it used Gorilla Glass for an interior panel on the i8 hybrid.

The multilayered glass will be much safer as it will be more shatter-resistant, aside from the fact that it’s going to be resistant to scratches and weigh less than a windscreen made out of conventional glass. The last bit is very important for a car that’s really meant to be driven on the track.

According to Ford it’s Gorilla Glass windshield for the upcoming Ford GT is going to be 32 percent lighter than in similar vehicles and more durable. It’s even thinner at just up to 4 millimeters while being at least as strong as laminate glass.

For the foreseeable future Gorilla Glass windshields might be limited to high-end cars like the GT but it goes without saying that overtime costs will come down and eventually we might see Gorilla Glass in cars that you and I can actually afford.

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