windows 10Some of you guys might recall that last year, the Chinese government had kicked up quite a bit of fuss regarding Windows 8, claiming that it would be used by the US government to spy on them. With those sentiments, we can only imagine that they can’t be too thrilled about Windows 10 either.


However it seems that in a bid to make sure that Windows 10 is adopted in China, Microsoft has revealed that they will be tailoring Windows 10 according to the specifications of the Chinese government. According to Microsoft executive Yusuf Mehdi, “We’re announcing a new joint venture that will license, deploy, manage and optimize Windows 10 for China’s government agencies and certain state owned enterprises and provide ongoing support and services for these customers.”

Mehdi adds that because of this, it could eventually see Windows 10 make its way into government agencies in China. “It’s common for governments to look to specialty technology partner organizations to deploy technology at scale, and this venture signals the possibility for new opportunities for Windows 10 in the many government entities in China.”

China’s apparent paranoia of the West isn’t new. In fact this concern not only applies to computers, but smartphones as well where last month, it was suggested that China wanted to create their own brand of smartphone where the hardware and software components were completely Chinese made.

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