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Over a year ago Amazon introduced a new product it called Echo, it’s unlike anything that the company has ever made before, and if you don’t pay attention you’ll probably think it’s one of those Bluetooth-enabled speakers. While it does play streaming music it actually houses Amazon’s intelligent digital personal assistant Alexa inside, thus making the Echo a much more useful product, and now helping you with your workouts is another thing that Echo does.

Over the past year Amazon has gradually added more and more features to Echo, it’s much more capable now as opposed to when it originally came out, considering the fact that this is still a first-generation product.

The new fitness features allow you to ask Alexa to start a seven-minute workout. It’s a third-party inclusion that enables Alexa to provide “a set of excercises designed to increase metabolism, improve energy, lower stress, and remove fat,” according to Amazon.

That sounds like a pretty cool feature to have put it remains to be seen though if users go beyond using the feature just once to see what it’s really like, and incorporate it into their workout regime.

Another new feature added to the Echo is Ask Fidelity, this allows you to ask about stock quotes by ticker symbol or name, Alexa will then return the relevant information allowing you to catch up with the capital markets as and when required.

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