ford-modeme-1[CES 2016] A couple of days before we bade goodbye to 2015, there was this particular bit of news that mentioned how a patent had been awarded to Ford for transforming your vehicle’s rear wheel into that of a unicycle, now how about that for convenience? It looks like Ford has taken a baby step with their MoDe:Me eBike, where it will not take the place of your vehicles’s spare wheel, although it will take up plenty of trunk space where your spare wheel could be.

Just what is the MoDe:Me eBike all about? For starters, it seems to be far more suitable for use in urban environments, especially at places where you park some distance away from a convention center, hotel or stadium in order to avoid the mad post-event traffic afterwards, before taking the MoDe:Me eBike out and riding it. This electric bicycle is foldable, and it offers speed as well as comfort thanks to a 200-watt motor alongside a 9-amp-hour battery that would be able to provide electric pedal assist up to 25km/h in speed.

It is no dumb bicycle, however as you can hook it up to MoDe:Link, which is a smartphone app that allows next generation eBike functions and features in the vein of haptic navigation to be part of the deal, accompanied by vehicle proximity alerts and a “No Sweat” assistance mode, among others.

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