Google has announced today that it’s launching spatial audio support for the Cardboard SDK which will enable developers to create immersive audio experiences in virtual reality apps and games on smartphones. Simply put this means that Google Cardboard VR will offer a better audio experience, with just a regular pair of headphones users will be able to experience sound coming from any direction.


Cardboard is already doing a good job in bringing virtual reality to the masses, it’s a very cheap VR viewer that works with most smartphones so people who are apprehensive about the technology don’t need to spend a lot of money first to experience it.

Adding a better audio experience to the mix will only go towards improving Cardboard’s position as a bonafide VR device as spatial sound will significantly improve the audio experience, users will be able to experience sound from all directions, even above and below them for a truly immersive virtual reality experience.

Since this change is being made to the SDK that developers use to create their apps and games this doesn’t mean that any changes are being made to the actual Cardboard hardware itself, that’s going to remain the same, which is basically a cardboard box with lenses.

It will just be the developers to who take advantage of this latest addition to Cardboard to create more immersive VR apps and games.

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