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Remember last year when a man by the name of Sanmay Ved managed to own the domain to one of the most popular websites in the world,, for a brief minute in time? As you might recall from our report, Google was quick to get it back and because it was their slip up, they decided to reward Ved for his efforts at bringing it to their attention and for being so amicable about it.


So the question is, how much was the reward? Ved had declined to say how much back then, only stating that it was more than $10,000. Turns out it was true because according to Google, they have revealed the amount that they have given to Ved which was in the tune of $6,006.13 (which is Google’s geeky way of spelling “google”, just in case it wasn’t obvious).

However Google then decided to double that amount when they found out that Ved had actually donated his reward to charity – the Art of Living India Foundation. As pointed out by Business Insider, this isn’t the first time Google’s had fun with their payouts. In 2015, Alphabet (Google’s parent company) bought back a bunch of stock for $5,099,019,513.59, which is the square root of 26 (the number of letters in the alphabet) times a billion.

Back in 2011, Google had also bid $3.14159 billion for Nortel patents, which we’re sure for many math lovers out there might recognize as is the same number as pi.

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