Even though electric cars get touted as brilliant and highly eco-friendly the fact remains that there are other eco-friendly options when it comes to cars of the future, fuel cell cars being one of them, but they’re not as popular as electric cars. Some of the world’s biggest car manufacturers are working on fuel cell cars, Honda is one, and it has confirmed that its Clarity hydrogen fuel cell sedan will be available later this year.

Honda first unveiled the Clarity fuel cell sedan at the Tokyo Auto Show last year and it was later showcased at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November 2015. Honda has confirmed that the Clarity will be available for select dealers in Sacramento, LA, Orange Country and the Bay Area.

Unlike almost every other car on the road today the Clarity does not have a gas-powered engine, it has a hydrogen-powered engine, which basically transforms hydrogen into electricity that goes towards powering the car, water being the only emission.

Honda is most likely sticking with limited sales for now because there’s not much of a distribution network for refueling though it’s building one so that hydrogen filling stations are easier to come by.

That’s one of the main reasons why it can be daunting to take a long ride in a fuel cell car because you can plug an electric car into a regular outlet, but it doesn’t work that way with hydrogen.

Honda will offer customers in aforementioned select markets to lease the fuel cell Clarity sedan for about $500, it’s likely to start making deliveries by the end of 2016.

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