loreal sensorL’Oreal might be a brand you associate with makeup and beauty products, but recently the company has debuted a wearable sensor at CES 2016 which is an interesting move by the company, but at the same time it still seems to be in line with what they do: making your skin look good.

Developed by La Roche-Posay, which is one of L’Oreal’s skin-care brands, this is a thin sensor that can be worn on your body like a temporary tattoo. It features a heart design and on the heart, there are 16 different boxes. Now you might think that these are just patterns to make the sensor look appealing, but in reality the boxes can change color when exposed to UV.

This lets the wearer know if they’re getting a little too much UV exposure. When they want to take a reading, all they’d have to launch is launch the accompanying app, take a photo of the heart, and it will try to determine how much UV they have been exposed to today. The best part is that unlike other UV measuring wearables, My UV Patch can have sunscreen applied on top of it and still function.

According to Guive Balooch, the global VP of L’Oreal’s Technology Incubator who spoke to TODAY, “I won’t tell you there’s nothing on the market that measures UV. A number of bracelets and wristbands have come out, but I think the challenge is that they’re only on your wrist, and you can’t apply product on them.” The stickers are said to last about 5 days and L’Oreal expects to release them later this year.

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