made for samsung[CES 2016] For those unfamiliar, Apple has a program called MFi. Basically this means that products that bear this certification has followed some kind of guideline set out by Apple to determine a particular quality or design that Apple is looking for. For example we have seen MFi cases, power banks, gaming controllers, headphones, and more.


This means that should anything go wrong while using these devices, Apple can’t really blame you for using an unauthorized product, versus some gadget you picked up from eBay. That being said it looks like Samsung has decided to start certifying products and services as well and has launched their Made For Samsung program.

As you can see in the image above, Samsung has described this program as being a partnership framework with brands that will deliver an exclusive line of products to Samsung customers. However as you might recall, several months ago Samsung had teamed up with Expedia to create a special version of the app for Samsung devices, so as you can see, this program extends not just to hardware but software and services a well.

The image above also shows the various partners that Samsung will be working with, such as CNN, Photobucket, News Republic, and so on, all of whom are expected to create experiences for Samsung’s range of products ranging from mobile devices, to TVs, wearables, and more. So if you are planning on purchasing a Samsung TV, smartwatch, computer, or mobile device, you can look forward to some exclusive experiences.

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