master-lock-4[CES 2016] It looks like even padlocks themselves are not spared from jumping aboard the “smart” bandwagon, as Master Lock has proved with their latest Bluetooth smart padlocks that will merge security expertise alongside mobile technology, transforming your smartphone or tablet into a key. If you are not the kind to remember the combination for the lock on your locker, or keep on losing keys to a particular lock time and again, the Bluetooth Smart Padlocks makes plenty of sense.

The Bluetooth Smart Padlocks will remaster accessibility so that consumers get to enjoy advanced but easy to use functional features, while continuing in the tradition of strength, durability, and reliability associated with Master Lock products. Upon registration, the Bluetooth Smart Padlocks will unlock with a single touch when an authorized device (normally a smartphone or tablet) is within range.

With Bluetooth Smart protocol used for wireless communication, Master Lock offers leading-edge security, with robust, military-grade authentication and encryption mechanisms so that sniffing, replay and manipulation attempts will be deterred. A directional keypad on the padlocks themselves offer an alternate method of entry should there be no Bluetooth Smart-enabled device around – and this is where the Konami code comes in handy.

Expect the Master Lock Bluetooth Smart Padlocks to retail for $50 for the indoor model, while the outdoor model will cost $60 a pop. Batteries are required to power these padlocks, and the color of the directional keypad will change to inform you should the battery start to run low.

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