2017 e-class 5It wasn’t too long ago that Tesla introduced autopilot mode to its vehicles. However, it was quickly made apparent that some drivers seemed to lack common sense and were using the feature rather dangerously. Note that despite it being autopilot, it was more like a glorified cruise control system that could steer itself, not a fully actualized self-driving car.

This resulted in Tesla introducing some restrictions and limitations, such as capping top speed of autopilot to be 5mph over the limit. That being said, it seems that these limitations are not apparent in Mercedes-Benz’s new 2017 E-Class. The vehicle was teased during CES and has now been revealed in full.

One of its interesting features, one that is sure to get the attention of thrill seekers, is its ability to steer itself, even when the vehicle is traveling at speeds of 130mph! Dubbed Drive Pilot, this is a semi-autonomous system which once again isn’t a full self-driving car, so if you do have the cash to splash to get the E-Class, maybe go a little easy on the feature.

Other features of the car include the ability to park and unpark itself, and will also sport V2V and V2I technology. This allows the car to send and receive information from other nearby cars and objects, thus allowing it to be more intuitive of its surroundings, which in turn will hopefully prevent accidents on the road. It is expected to be launched in the US mid-2016.

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