melomind_shot_2[CES 2016] Say you are at work and it’s late at night, but you have no choice because a huge presentation is due by the end of the week and your teammates aren’t pulling their weight. You’re stressed, and as much as you’d like to take a drink, drinking on the job hardly seems professional, right?


If you do encounter situations like this, or just stress in general, you might be interested in a helmet/headset called the Melomind. This is a wearable headset designed by MyBrain Technologies and is actually an updated version of last year’s model. What it does is that upon wearing it, it helps the wearer enter a state of relaxation and reduce stress levels.

So how does Melomind work? Through the electrodes in the headset, it will monitor your brain’s activity via EEG signals, and these signals are then interpreted by its accompanying smartphone app which will then help play music designed to help the wearer relax and calm down in moments of stress.

Last year’s device was a prototype which makes this version the market-ready model. It will sport a brand new design with improved ergonomics, an enhanced user interface for easier monitoring, a relaxing soundscape that users can listen to, and the use of textile electrodes that will help with better signal quality and comfort levels. Pricing and exact availability was not mentioned, but last year it was suggested that it could be priced at $299 but we’re not sure if that has changed since.

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