droid-turbo-2-lineThe Motorola DROID Turbo 2 was launched in October last year. The handset packed some pretty impressive hardware specs, not to mention a design which the company claimed was shatterproof. However it seems that for some DROID Turbo 2 owners, they have been affected by what seems to be a mysterious hardware defect.

According to user reports, some have claimed that their phone’s displays will show a single green line running through the middle of their screen as you can see in the photo to the right. A post on Motorola’s forums shows that there are several users affected by this, but from what we can tell it does not appear to be too widespread, meaning that these might just have been some defective units.

The original poster wrote, “Last Friday my 1-week old Droid Turbo 2 developed a single pixel wide green line running vertically up and down the screen. It would come and go if I pressed or squeezed the phone, but was more or less always there if the screen is on. If I pressed to the right and below the home soft-key (near the right speaker hole) it would fade in and out…great, some sort of physical screen malfunction. This phone has been taken care of, never dropped, always in its nice case.”

While Motorola does not have an answer to the problem, they seem to be pretty helpful and responsive, and at least and have been getting in touch with customers and offering replacement units. So, have any of our readers been affected by the same problem on their DROID Turbo 2 phones?

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