It has been a while since new GTA 5 received new content and something has now got the fans excited, it looks like new DLC just might be in the pipeline. The root of this speculation is an Instagram post by the actor who plays GTA 5 character, Franklin, the post shows him in a motion capture suit at a Rockstar studio, Rockstar as most of you are well aware is the developer of Grand Theft Auto.

No campaign DLC has been released so far for Grand Theft Auto 5 even though this game originally came out back in late 2013. It has been more than two years and one can say that it’s about time new single-player DLC was released for this popular game.

Rockstar has not yet said anything about new GTA 5 single-player DLC. When it was asked back in September if there were plans to bring more content it just said for now its focus is on GTA Online.

Shawn Fonteno, the actor who plays Franklin, previously said that he had worked on GTA 5 DLC back in 2014 and said that the developer’s plan for new single-player content was “real big.”

The post by Fonteno is the only thing we have to go on right now since Rockstar isn’t confirming anything about new single-player DLC. However considering that GTA Online has now been established and runs smoothly, perhaps there’s room on Rockstar’s plate for some new DLC. Fans can only keep their fingers crossed until it makes an official announcement.

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