philips-power-potion-3000-001There are so many different power banks available in the market today. Some offer huge amounts of battery while some are designed to look aesthetically pleasing so it doesn’t look like you’re carrying a hunk of metal with you when you’re out and about. That being said, we think this concept by Philips might be one of the best we’ve seen.

Dubbed the Philips Power Potion 3000, this was created by Holger Hoehn (supported by Philips’ Catherine Wong). The idea behind this is that it was designed to not look like a power bank, and sure enough, if you did not tell us, we would have assumed it was just a Philips brand water bottle.

However under the lid hides a Lightning cable which can be used to charge iOS devices. On the bottom, there is a built-in USB port that lets you charge non-iOS devices as well, along with an LED light to indicate how much juice you have left. Under the hood and as the name probably implies, there is a 3,000mAh battery which should be enough to give most phones, at least, one charge.

Unfortunately, this is merely a concept at the moment and there is no word on whether Philips will put this into production, but if they do you can surely count on us to get our hands on it, wouldn’t you?

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