Ever have a legal query that you want to know the answer to, but don’t want to have to spend money on a proper lawyer? We reckon if it’s something serious, maybe you should consider hiring a lawyer, but if you just want a quick answer, then you might be interested in this robot lawyer that can answer your legal queries online.


This robot was created by British teenager, Joshua Browder, who is studying Economics and Computer Science at Stanford University. Speaking to Mashable, Browder describes this robot lawyer is essentially being an extension of his previous project, DoNotPay which helped people appeal unfair parking tickets.

He says, “The robot can currently handle parking ticket appeals, payment protection insurance (PPI) claims and delayed flights/trains. It can also answer some general legal questions (“I can’t afford my ticket. What do I do?”). I am ultimately looking to give it as much functionality as possible in the spirit of trying to replace the large group of exploitative lawyers.”

Browder notes that one of the issues he ran into was how the same question can be phrased in thousands of ways, but he has since come up with a solution for that. “The breakthrough came when I learned how to create a way for the robot to learn and compare phrases itself, so that it doesn’t matter how the user phrases his or her requests.”

However like we said, this isn’t the most comprehensive lawyer you can find, but for general queries it might come in handy. To access the robot, check out donotpay.co.uk for the details, or watch the video above to see it in action.

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