The mobile payments scene is starting to get crowded, especially with the likes of tech giants such as Samsung, Apple, and Google, all of whom are trying to get a slice of that pie. This is why it isn’t surprising to see Samsung poke fun of the competition, or to be more specific, poke fun at Apple in their latest Samsung Pay ad.

In Samsung’s latest ad for their mobile payments service, they have comedian Hannibal Buress walk into a deli and attempt to pay with his phone. The person at the counter initially turned him down as he thought he wanted to use Apple Pay, which apparently wasn’t accepted, and this is where Buress takes the opportunity to highlight how easy Samsung Pay is to use.

One of the upsides to Samsung Pay is that it does not require the merchant to purchase any new hardware that has NFC installed. Instead it will work with existing terminals that use the standard Magnetic Secure Transmission protocol, which means that technically it is usable with just about every credit card reader out there.

Of course the downside is that for now, Samsung Pay is only limited to Samsung’s higher-end phones, but this is something that Samsung is hoping to address in the future where it will arrive on older Samsung devices. Samsung also stated that there is a possibility that it could eventually arrive on non-Samsung handsets as well.

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