samsung-smart-fridgeThe purpose of a fridge is to keep your food chilled and fresh. However over the years we’ve seen fridges get “smarter”, such as being able to maintain the temperature better, more efficiently, and so on. They’ve also gained addons like the ability to dispense water, dispense ice, and in some instances lets you surf the web too.

However it looks like Samsung could be taking things to a whole new level with their latest Family Hub refrigerator. According to the announcement on Samsung’s website (via Engadget), it seems that this fridge will come with a massive 21.5-inch Full HD display, a display which dwarves many laptops out there, so you can only imagine how big this is.

The point of the screen? So that you can look up recipes, surf the web, watch videos, leave notes, and read messages. There is also a pair of built-in speakers so that cooking can be a more lively affair. Apart from the massive display, the fridge will also feature cameras so that you can remotely browse your fridge so you know what items you need to replenish when you’re out.

Is this a little over-the-top? We reckon it is, but hey if you’re all about being connected and you want a hi-tech fridge, this should do the trick. Unfortunately neither availability nor pricing was mentioned, but we reckon it will probably cost you a pretty penny.

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