What companies like to do at events such as CES is show off prototypes and concepts of products that they probably won’t ever make a reality. For example last year, Sony unveiled a device called the Symphonic Light speaker which is basically a light that doubles up as a speaker, and a fancy-looking one to boot.

The good news is that if you were wondering when you might be able to get your hands on it, you’re in luck because Sony has announced that come this summer, consumers in the US will be able to purchase it where it will be known as the Glass Sound Speaker. However Sony also notes that the speakers are expected to launch first in Japan next month.

So what makes these speakers so special? For starters it features a glass casing. This is quite rare as most speaker makers tend to favor materials like wood due to its inherent acoustic qualities. The speaker will be able to project sound 360-degrees around it, and it also sports a light so not only does this play music, but it could also double as a bedside lamp, albeit a very expensive one.

It connects via Bluetooth so wireless streaming is possible. However like we said it will not come cheap as it is priced at ¥74,000, which is roughly $634 after conversion, although we can’t say for sure if that will be the price when it comes to the US. But if you’re after something stylish for your home and you have the cash to splash, maybe you can keep an eye out for it.

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