There are many different locks that one can choose to protect their home with. You’ve got your more conventional padlocks, and you’ve also got your more hi-tech padlocks that unlocks with key cards, smartphones, keypads, and etc. However if you wanted to protect your home even further, TappLock might be something you’ll want to invest in.


TappLock is basically a padlock designed by Tapp that unlocks using your fingerprint. This means that compared to other locks that relies on keys or smartphone access, this can only be unlocked if you are there to present your biometrics. It is a solid lock as it is made from 100% steel, so trying to cut it open will be hard.

According its creators, they claim that TappLock will last a good 3 years on a single charge and will be able to notify you when the battery is low, but for the most part it sounds like you can just leave it there and forget about it. It is also water resistant so if you don’t want to padlock your home, you can use it to padlock your bike, your tool shed, and so on.

There are two models that they are offering: the TappLock Lite and the TappLock. The latter can actually double as a phone charger if you’re in a pinch and comes with more color options. They are priced at $29 and $66 respectively, and if you’d like to help make it a reality, head on over to Indiegogo for the details.

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