missouri-tesla-banIn November last year, we did bring you word on how the Tesla Model 3 is “on track” for a March reveal this year, which is not too far off in the future. Still, we would not be surprised at all if the Model 3 were to be delayed, taking into consideration how the Tesla Model 3 was confirmed in July a couple of years ago. Well, if waiting long enough would be able to see an affordable all-electric sedan that will roll out in more than one variant, then it would definitely be worth all of that patience.


Rumor has it that not only will there be a base model of the Model 3, but there is also a possibility of a crossover variant making an appearance, now how about that for variety? According to a Tesla spokesperson, “Tesla will be able to build multiple variations on the third generation platform, specifically a sedan and, later, an SUV.”

By the time the Model 3 arrives, it will in all probability, feature a range of 240 miles on a full charge, and should carry a sticker price tag in the region of $35,000 thereabouts. As for the Model Y crossover, that might retail for $40,000 or so, especially when one looks to history as an indicator with the pricing structure of the Model S versus the Model X. Do take all of these figures with a grain of salt though, until something concrete is revealed.

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