Tesla has shown the world that electric cars can offer superior performance while looking absolutely gorgeous, and it has done a lot of work to eliminate the range anxiety that’s usually associated with cars that don’t have an engine. Even though Tesla is pretty popular right now many expect that it will truly become mainstream when the relatively affordable Model 3 comes out, the company says that the Model 3 unveil is “on track” for March 2016.

Existing models in Tesla’s arsenal aren’t that cheap, with the Model S and Model X SUV both costing north of $90,000. Not everybody has that kind of money to spend on a car no matter how much gas money it saves them.

On the other hand the Model 3 is expected to be priced around $30,000, a price point that will be appealing to a lot of average customers who may think about going for the electric car because they wouldn’t have to stretch their budget for it.

It’s going to be beneficial for Tesla as well, because the cars will be cheaper, it will sell more cars and make more money. Tesla needs it just as much as the budget conscious customer needs an electric car.

Tesla hopes to unveil the Model 3 in March next year, it hasn’t said when it intends to start mass production and deliveries of the cheaper all-electric car.

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