Tesla has set up Supercharger stations across most of the countries where its cars are sold, the stations allow owners to fast-charge their cars, and thus be able to make longer journeys on their all electric vehicles. According to a report out of Norway at one Supercharger station in the country, a Model S caught fire and burned down completely.


Local media reports indicate that nobody was injured in the blaze, the owner of this car had plugged it in and then left, it just started burning at some point and then burned down all the way.

Many on Reddit’s r/teslamotors subreddit are claiming that this particular station was a “temporary” one, and that this could be a reason why something went wrong and the Model S caught fire. Hundreds of stations are already live where thousands of Tesla cars are regularly charged without any incidents.

The exact cause of this fire remains unknown, firefighters had to use a special chemical form to put out the fire since it was essentially a big block of lithium batteries burning to a crisp. Tesla has said that it’s undergoing a full investigation into the incident and that it’s going to make the findings public as soon as possible.

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