tesla-supercharger-patentTesla, the company that churns out electric cars, has applied for a slew of patents which would then open up the doors for its Superchargers to be programmable in a way to manage the Tesla Model S electric vehicle in a better manner. Of course, if all goes well, this very same Supercharger, too, would play nice with the Model X and, eventually, the Model E electric vehicles. The patents filed by Tesla did spell out in greater detail that it will feature multiple charging ports which are smart enough to handle varying charging stages. Not only that, the Supercharger station will also be capable of redirecting power according to a first come, first served basis, or to figure out the various stages of each Tesla model’s battery, giving it to whoever has the initial lower battery figre.


What is also interesting would be the fact that the system is also smart enough to redirect power, depending on the drivers’ intended departure time. In a nutshell, the person who leaves last would obviously be on the receiving end of the lst charge. This system works great if everyone speaks the truth, and I suppose in the event of a tie where all the drivers need to leave at the same time, it is up to the Supercharger to figure out who needs juice most by knowing just how much battery life each car has left.

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