uberSo you need a ride to the airport. You can opt to call for a cab, or if you support Uber, you can use their services too. This applies to general transportation. However what if you wanted a different kind of ride? What if you needed to get to a particular location faster than any cab or Uber car can take you?

The good news is that it looks like you’ll soon be able to order helicopter rides for yourself, thanks to a recent partnership between Uber and Airbus. This partnership was announced on Sunday in which Uber users can hail a helicopter ride similar to how they would request for an Uber vehicle, although it was not mentioned as to how much it will cost.

However considering that there aren’t as many helicopters just sitting around and waiting for pickups, we reckon that it will cost you a fair amount. Then again if you are the type that needs to be ferried around by helicopter, chances are you can probably afford it, or at least justify its asking price.

Speaking to CNBC, an Uber spokesperson said that they will be launching this service for the Sundance Film Festival where hiring a copter will make it easier for attendees to make it to the event. So the next time you plan on rocking up to a venue in style, this might be worth considering.

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