Samsung released a smartwatch last year that received a lot of praise, and it’s believed that the Gear S2 is doing well in the market, particularly in a market that has strong competitors like the Apple Watch. Samsung has been hard at work to get more apps for its smartwatch and it has managed to bring one from one of the world’s biggest ride-sharing companies. The official Uber app has arrived on the Gear S2.

Samsung is well aware of the fact that a new platform or device needs apps to survive, that’s just how it is, and that’s really one of the reasons why it’s home-grown Tizen OS hasn’t found its way in any of its flagship or high-end smartphones yet.

That’s a big reason why the company has been working with developers and other companies to convince them to create apps for the Gear S2 and it appears to be working, many have already released their apps for the company’s wearable device.

With the official Uber app for Gear S2 users will be able to hail a ride, select pre-set destinations as get additional information about their driver by rotating the Gear S2’s rotating bezel.

Given that Uber has now released an app for the Gear S2 one can expect that it’s rivals might follow suit, Gear S2 owners wouldn’t mind have an official Lyft app, though it can’t be said for sure if and when Lyft will release an app for the Gear S2.

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