Siri is Apple’s voice assistant software and as we have discovered in the past, has a hidden sense of humor when you ask her to do certain things, like dividing by zero, or when you call her by a different name. Recently it seems that the internet has discovered that Siri has another hidden talent, and, this time, it is beatboxing.

If you were to ask Siri to beatbox, you will hear her respond with, “Here’s one I’ve been practicing,” followed by her repeating the phrase, “boots and cats”. Now you might be wondering why that phrase, and how is it related to beatboxing? Apparently when starting out in beatboxing, repeating that phrase is one of the keys to learning the skill.

In fact, if you were to close your eyes and ignore the actual words, you’ll realize that it does sound vaguely like beatboxing. Obviously, it’s not very advanced but it’s still a pretty cool Easter Egg worth checking out. Note that Mashable points out that this beatboxing talent of Siri’s was actually been around since at least November 2015, but it was only recently that people started to spread the word to turn it viral.

So if you an iOS device and would like to hear Siri drop some sick beats, you know the drill! In the meantime if you don’t have an iOS device, check out the video above to see Siri in action.

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