A patent for wireless charging by Apple

One of the rumors of the iPhone 7 is that it could sport wireless charging technology. If you’re hoping for that to be true, you might be disappointed, but your disappointment will only last about a year because according to a report from Bloomberg, they claim that Apple is working on “cutting edge” wireless charging technology that could arrive as early as next year.

The idea of Apple working on wireless charging technology isn’t new. The Cupertino company has over the years filed for numerous patents regarding the technology, so like we said, Apple’s interest in the technology doesn’t really come as a surprise. However from patent to reality is an entirely different story and over the years, save for patents, there hasn’t really been any signs to suggest otherwise.

That being said, the report from Bloomberg claims that Apple’s wireless charging technology will allow devices to remain charged even when they aren’t placed on their charging mats, which is kind of one of the prerequisites for wireless charging these days. One of the things Apple is said to be working on is how to overcome the potential loss of power over distances.

One of the drawbacks to wireless charging is that due to the nature of the tech, it is slower compared to conventional charging. So by allowing devices to charge faster and not have to remain on the mat, that could be considered “cutting edge”. We have seen companies try their hand at this by harnessing radio waves and even ultrasound, so it will be interesting to see what Apple will be able to come up with, assuming the reports are true, of course.

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