xiaomi mi 4cSay 5 years ago, not many of you guys would have heard of Xiaomi. However looking at today’s landscape, that has certainly changed with Xiaomi being one of the biggest players in the game, catching up to the likes of Apple and Samsung. That being said, Xiaomi has run into their fair share of legal trouble, and it looks like they have just encountered another one in South Korea.


For those who didn’t know, Xiaomi has been operating and selling phones in South Korea for a while now, and apparently doing quite well for themselves. However recently the company managed to ink a deal with the country’s second largest carrier, KT, where the carrier agreed to sell Xiaomi’s phones through their channels. Unfortunately it seems 2 days after they started, sales have reportedly been suspended.

According to a report from The Korea Herald, apparently this had to do with some legal issues. Neither KT nor Xiaomi confirmed the report as this information was provided by sources who said that the suspension came about due to, “legal matters related to sales.” Assuming this is true, no doubt it would be quite disappointing for Xiaomi.

The Chinese company has yet to break into the US market. Last we heard, Xiaomi was working on building up a patent portfolio before making their entrance, presumably to avoid any legal trouble like the one they may or may not be experiencing now.

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