You would think that 20 years later we would have PC cases that look nothing like what they used to back in the day, but it doesn’t really seem to be that way. For the most part, PC cases are still shaped like a rectangular box, except maybe these days we have slightly more futuristic designs and better cooling.

However there is also the argument one can make about older cases being vintage, and what YouTuber Dr. Moddnstine did was take a 1995 IBM Aptiva case he found in a recycling center and turn it into a modern gaming rig with pretty awesome specs. Instead of merely turning the PC into a DOSBox, Dr. Moddnstine decided that maybe he might be better off repurposing the case instead.

However as you can see in the video above, while the outside of the case might be able to pass off like a case you might find today, minus the 3.5-inch disk drive, the innards of the case is very different from what we see today. For starters it’s a lot less modular, not to mention a lot harder to put parts in their place.

Also because the case is rather small, Dr. Moddnstine had to make a lot of adjustments and modifications to get his components to fit inside. The end result is a case that might look on the outside, but on the inside it packs quite a punch. If you have some time to spare, you can watch Dr. Moddnstine’s walkthrough of his case in the video above.

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