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Amazon has gradually been increasing Echo’s abilities and it’s now capable of doing so much more than when it first arrived on the scene. Only recently Echo was updated to provide you with movie show times on demand and now it can even order you a pizza if you ask it to, provided that you’re into Domino’s, as it’s one of the few chains that’s not opposed to jumping on every other technology trend out there.

Domino’s has been trying out several digital methods for ordering pizzas, it has even tested the option to place an order by tweeting an emoji, but ordering via Alexa will be easier. You don’t even need to get up or find your phone to place an order as long as Echo can hear you.

Customers will first have to set up their Pizza Profile before they can start placing orders through Alexa, the digital personal assistant that lives inside Echo. The profile contains the customer’s name, address and payment information aside from an Easy Order preference which is basically the go-to pizza order.

The only caveat here is that you can’t simply tell Alexa to order a pizza because it won’t recognize that command. Amazon says that customers will actually need to say “Alexa, open Domino’s and place my Easy Order” to get a pie dispatched. It should be much simpler than that and hopefully it will be in the future.

The feature will go live for all Echo users in the United States by Friday, comfortably ahead of Super Bowl Sunday, when pizza is just as important as the big game.

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