There are many gaming keyboards these days that use mechanical switches. This is not surprising as the mechanical keyboard trend has been going on strong for the past few years or so. However if you’re a gamer looking for a new mechanical keyboard, you might be interested in a keyboard called the Wooting One.

This keyboard has been described as an analog mechanical keyboard, but why is this? Simply because it seems to have taken inspiration from the analog sticks found on gaming controllers. Thanks to the keyboard’s ability to sense how hard you are pressing down, it will be able to move your character on the screen accordingly.

So for example if you’re playing a racing game with the keyboard, tapping the keys gently will see your car steer itself gently, versus the jagged and jerky movements you might normally have to deal with. The video demo above also shows how it can be applied to RPGs where pressing down a key very lightly will see your character walk, while pressing it down hard will see your character run.

To top it off, the keyboard’s design is very sleek and minimalist, something we can definitely get behind on. Unfortunately the switches used in the keyboard are unknown at this point in time as the creators have yet to announce it. No word on pricing or availability either so gamers who are interested will have to sign up to be notified on their website.

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