3d_touchOne of the new features Apple introduced to the Apple Watch and the iPhone 6s is Force Touch/3D Touch technology, where upon pressing hard on the screen will elicit a different command/function. However it seems that one company by the name of Immersion thinks that Apple’s Force Touch/3D Touch features have infringed upon its patents.

The company has since filed a lawsuit against Apple, claiming that the patent they infringed on is called “shared feedback”. According to the patent, it describes how software could be used to show a preview of information through a light press, and take action from a firmer press, which isn’t 100% Force Touch/3D Touch, but it does sound similar.

They also claim that Apple’s devices infringe upon another patent for “tactile sensations”, where it delivers a specific feedback in response to a particular action. For example if you have used 3D Touch, you know that pressing down hard will cause the phone to “vibrate” a little, like how Apple simulates clicks on the trackpad of its more recent MacBooks without it actually clicking.

No word on how much Immersion is suing Apple for and how much in damages they are seeking, but no doubt this will be rather troublesome for Apple if Immersion were to win the lawsuit.

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