destiny-matchmakingWhat do you have planned for the year ahead, now that we are already in the second month? Well, Bungie certainly has big things in store for Destiny, where whispers of a Taken King-sized expansion have been going around. What is more concrete, however, is the fact that new matchmaking settings have already been introduced to Destiny. It looks like the rumors of a new expansion are gathering steam, as the game’s player base aren’t too pleased with the lack of content, so hopefully Bungie will be able to deliver on that rumor and do a darn good job at it.

Industry expert Doug Creutz shared, “Destiny’s player base is clearly getting restless for new content, particularly since this is the first time since the launch of the game in 2014 that more than a couple of months have gone by without having a clear roadmap as to what is in the near-term pipeline. A significant erosion of the game’s player base would be a disappointment and a major missed opportunity. While we suspect most players would return for a 2017 Destiny 2, there are no guarantees in this business, particularly since we think many players felt there was an implicit guarantee of regular, meaningful content updates for the game.”

Bungie did confirm that the matchmaking settings have received an update, and the update has been applied to Iron Banner and Skirmish already. Analysis will be continued before these updates are applied to more playlists. Another rumor concerning the game also includes selling its ammo packs for real money, which is one of the ways where developers make a ton of dough.

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