Comcast tested its gigabit internet service in December last year and now it’s confident enough to start a much wider rollout. The company has confirmed that its gigabit internet service will be launched in five cities across the United States this year. The 1Gbps service will be available to customers in Atlanta and Nashville early this year while customers in Chicago, Miami and Detroit will get it later in the year.

Comcast is sticking with the rollout plan that it used for its Gigabit Pro service that offers speeds of 2Gbps for $300 per month, the company says that this service is now available in 18 million homes across the country.

The big difference between these two high speed internet services is that customers don’t have to pay installation fees of up to $1,000 for the standard 1Gbps service since it doesn’t use the fiber optic cables that Gigabit Pro requires.

Comcast has not yet confirmed how much it’s going to charge for the service and it hasn’t even confirmed whether its data cap will be placed on the gigabit service as well. These details are obviously very crucial for customers before they decide whether to go with Comcast gigabit or not so hopefully the company will reveal them in the near future.

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