taxidermy-artBack in the less enlightened days of mankind, trophy hunting and poaching were not condemned, but rather, admired and is more often than not a sign of the upper “class”, so to speak. Thankfully, the threat of extinction as well as realization that trophy hunting does nothing other than to inflate one’s ego has brought about a temperance of one’s greed, as opposed to flimsy excuses of survival or having a reciprocal respect for nature. However, if you still love to have a trophy animal adorn your room, then you might want to check out what American artist Kelly Rene Jelinek of Little Stag Studio has in store – as she uses scraps of upholstery fabric in order to come up with wonderful, cruelty-free and whimsical “faux taxidermy art.”


Jelinek shares, “As a child I spent most of my time with my nose in fairytale books. I absolutely marveled how the impossible was made possible in those stories: animals could talk, trees could move, and the most mundane of objects could become something magical and important. I wished that real life was like a fairytale. This longing that I had as a child has stayed with me through the years, and I find that I am constantly trying to make “real life” more magical and extraordinary through the artwork that I create.”

Animals in the forest can feel safe for now, and such eco-friendly trophy animals are certainly worth having in any home, right?

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