A blog post by Silicon Valley venture capitalist Stewart Alsop has gained a lot of steam recently in which he says that Elon Musk had the order for his Model X cancelled. Just like customers can decide to not buying a company’s product if the customer service isn’t good enough, companies can also decide to not sell their products to a rude or annoying customer and it appears that’s what Tesla has done here.

Alsop claims in his post that Musk made this decision based on an earlier post of his in which he wrote that Elon Musk should be ashamed of himself for starting the September 2015 event of the Model X over two hours late. He also complained in the post that there were too many people at the event and the food wasn’t good at all.

It’s not unusual for Alsop to criticize companies, take a quick look through his Medium stream and you’ll find it full of posts finding fault with companies and their products, others might have taken it differently but Musk decided that Tesla won’t be selling him a car so he had the order for his Model X SUV cancelled.

Musk didn’t respond directly to Alsop’s post about his order being nixed but a few hours ago he addressed the issue via a tweet which does indeed confirm that Alsop’s order for the Model X was cancelled because Tesla considered him to be a “super rude customer.”

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