Just when you thought that battery technology has improved by leaps and bounds, here we are with news of yet another instance of an exploding e-cigarette. Thankfully, no teeth were lost in this incident, and neither was there a disfigured face to worry about, apart from a useless pair of pants and a bruised ego, apart from severe burns on the victim’s right thigh – at least he can still walk after recovering from this experience.

Josh Hamilton is the victim in this case, where his electronic cigarette battery looked to have exploded in his pocket as he was about to pay for snacks at his local gas station. The YouTube video above captured the pivotal moment, when flames actually shot out from his leg as though he had a mini flamethrower inside. Shocked, Hamilton took some steps back from the counter while shaking his leg, before making his way outside.

Thankfully, this did not happen while he was pumping gas, as you could never know what might have happened as gas and the fumes it gives are a volatile bunch when they meet an open flame of any kind. This just goes to show how batteries in hoverboards and e-cigarettes (not to mention smartphones) do seem to have a tendency of exploding in flames all by themselves, so if you happen to use any of these products, always take the necessary precautions and try your level best to avoid grey import batteries or unofficial accessories of any kind.

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