ecig-burned-carI think that there are more than enough cases of e-cigarettes exploding, that using one to get your pseudo-nicotine fix is somewhat akin to playing Russian Roulette. The latest case involves a woman who suffered from burns after her e-cigarette exploded while she was inside her rental car, which the latter ended up licked by said flames. Bummer!

Apart from an obviously bruised ego, Cassandra Koziol of Orlando also suffered from burns as well as a lost tooth when her e-cigarette exploded as she turned it on. The explosion was a shock to her, as she then ran from the still-parked car to her friend’s house in order to call 911, but to their dismay, the rental car was eaten up by flames in that time.

Koziol shared, “I’ll never use a (e-cigarette) again,” she said. “I lost my car, I lost my teeth, (and) I lost my mod. I’m in pain.” This is not the first case, and neither will it be the last. We have heard of a house being set on fire, a victim suffered from burns to his face, a teen who ended up with a disfigured face, a man who lost some of his pearly whites, and a man who suffered from burns as his e-cigarette let loose in his pants pocket – what more at a gas station!

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