tesla_model_x_6If you would like to pick up a Tesla electric car anytime soon, it would do well if you were to be on your best behavior and manners. Why do we say so? Not only is it basic courtesy and a show of respect, but also because any form of extreme rudeness might cause Elon Musk to refuse a sale to a potential customer. Californian venture capitalist Stewart Alsop saw his Tesla order canceled by none other than company CEO Elon Musk himself after he blogged in a rather critical manner concerning the Model X launch event.


September last year saw Alsop mention in a blog post with the title “Dear @ElonMusk: You should be ashamed of yourself,” where he was peeved that Tesla customers had to wait for close to a couple of hours for the Model X event to start, which was followed by an even longer waiting period before obtaining the chance to test drive the pre-ordered ride.

He did hope that Elon Musk would apologize, and while the blog rant ended on a good note singing praises about Tesla and its Model X, the apology was meant for “the people who believe in this product.” Of course, there never was an apology, and his Tesla Model X went up in smoke, through a personal phone call by Musk as claimed by Alsop in his latest blog post, “Banned by Tesla.” Do you think that there is more than meets the eye? Elon Musk does not seem to be too perturbed by his tweet on the matter.

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