facebook-instant-articlesLast year Facebook announced a new feature for mobile called Instant Articles. For those who are unfamiliar with the feature, basically when clicking a link to an article inside Facebook, instead of waiting for the website to load, it will load instantly as the articles have already been preloaded, thus saving users time in the process.

However at the start, Facebook limited the feature to several big name publishers, but over time we’ve seen Facebook start to include more websites. The good news is that if you have a blog and you want to share it on Facebook via Instant Articles, you will now be able to as Facebook has pretty much opened up Instant Articles to everyone.

According to Facebook, they have streamlined the process for publishers to make it easy for them to hop on the bandwagon. “We’ve made it easy for publishers to join by building a system based on the tools they already use. Instant Articles uses the languages of the web and works with publishers’ content management systems, and we have documented an open standard that is easy for publishers to adopt.”

While we doubt that individual and casual bloggers will take advantage of this feature, we suppose at the very least it is an option that they can look at if they are so inclined.

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