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YouTube introduced a subscription option for those who don’t want to see advertisements, the program is called YouTube Red, and for $9.99 per month, subscribers get incentives other than the ad-free experience. YouTube has developed original shows which will only be available to those who subscribe to YouTube Red. The first batch of original shows has now arrived.

YouTube Red is only offered to users in the United States for now. Four new original shows are included in the first batch that can only be streamed by subscribers. Those who don’t subscribe to the service can purchase the shows through YouTube itself or via the Google Play Store, depending on their location.

The shows include Dance Camp which is a teen musical, a documentary called A Trip to Unicorn Island, a Rooster Teeth comedy called Lazer Team and Scare PewDiePie, a comedy-thriller show that features on of the biggest YouTube stars on the planet.

All of the new original content from YouTube is available to YouTube Red subscribers and they will be treated to more soon. It has already been confirmed that six additional new shows will be released for YouTube Red subscribers later this year, so it’s making sure that they get the best bang for their buck.

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