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Robert Downey Jr. And YouTube Red Making A Series On Artificial Intelligence
Iron Man himself, actor Robert Downey Jr., has teamed up with YouTube Red to make a series on artificial intelligence. Also teaming up with him on this project is producer Susan Downey who happens to be the actor’s wife. Their artificial intelligence documentary is going to be premiered on YouTube Red which is the online video service’s premium platform for original content that can only be accessed by those who […]

Next YouTube Red Original Film Will Hit Theaters First
YouTube Red, Google’s premium online video platform, is heavily investing in original content as well much like other players in this space which includes behemoths like Netflix, Apple, and Amazon. While previous originals have almost all been premiered on YouTube Red, it appears that the service might be willing to take a page out of Amazon Studios’ book by premiering its next big original film in theaters first.

YouTube Red And Google Play Music Being Merged
Google is no stranger to developing products that may inevitably end up competing with each other to some extent. It then has to decide which product bites the dust and which doesn’t. The company faced the same dilemma with YouTube Red and Google Play Music. Google has now decided that instead of having to kill off either one of the two services, it’s going to merge them into a single […]

Ad-Free YouTube Subscription Now Works With YouTube Kids
YouTube launched its much rumored ad-free subscription service in the summer last year. Aside from removing all advertisements the service offers subscribers access to premium content as well as some features that are not available to every other YouTube user. A year after launching the subscription service, YouTube has now integrated it with YouTube Kids, an app that provides curated video content for children.


YouTube Red And Google Play Music Free Trial Extended To Four Months
You may not be too inclined to pay $9.99 per month for YouTube Red, a service that provides ad-free access to YouTube, though you can get all of YouTube’s content free if you just sit through some advertisements, notwithstanding the exception of some original series. Couple that with a subscription to Google’s music streaming service and you might be enticed, and if you’re still not convinced, Google is going to […]

Google Offering Free Chromecast To YouTube Red Subscribers
Google has been running a promotion recently for the subscription-only YouTube Red service, and now it appears to have turned it up a notch. According to reports, the company is offering free Chromecasts to YouTube Red subscribers. The free hardware is a good way to entice people to start paying for the ad-free version of YouTube which also brings several features that are not available to conventional users.

First Batch Of YouTube Original Shows Arrive
YouTube introduced a subscription option for those who don’t want to see advertisements, the program is called YouTube Red, and for $9.99 per month, subscribers get incentives other than the ad-free experience. YouTube has developed original shows which will only be available to those who subscribe to YouTube Red. The first batch of original shows has now arrived.

YouTube Red Original Shows Debut February 10th
YouTube remains free for everybody as long as they don’t mind seeing advertisements, however, there’s an option for those who want an ad-free experience with some other features. YouTube Red was launched last year and aside from removing ads and providing new features it’s also going to give subscribers access to original content. It has been confirmed today that four YouTube Red original shows will debut on February 10th.

YouTube Wants The Rights To Stream TV Shows & Movies [Rumor]
As you might have heard, it wasn’t too long ago that YouTube launched YouTube Red. For those unfamiliar, YouTube Red is basically an ad-free version of YouTube that will cost users $9.99 in a monthly subscription, but it is more than that as there will be features that are part of YouTube Red that will not be included in normal YouTube.For example there will be screen-off playback capabilities, and the […]

YouTube Music Released For Android And iOS
YouTube is the world’s biggest online video streaming website but it’s also used for listening to music, perhaps more so than any proper music streaming service like Spotify or Apple Music. Google obviously knows that and it’s looking to cash in on the hundreds of millions of users who head to YouTube for listening to music. The standalone YouTube Music app has now been released for both Android and iOS.

YouTube Red Goes Live, Get Rid Of Ads For $9.99
It has been reported time and again this year that YouTube will soon get a subscription service that will provide a completely ad-free experience to those who are willing to pay for it, later reports revealed that YouTube will add more value for money by creating new content with some of the site’s biggest stars and put it behind the paywall. All of this was confirmed a few days ago when […]

Some Gaming Videos Blocked In The US Due To YouTube Red
Last week, YouTube finally announced YouTube Red, a subscription version of YouTube in which users pay $9.99 a month and get access to videos with no ads, offline playback, downloads, and more. There have been some reports suggesting that YouTube has been strong-arming content creators to sign with YouTube Red, and now it looks like some videos are being blocked as a result of that.To be specific, the videos blocked […]

ESPN Starts Taking Down Their Clips From YouTube
YouTube announced their subscription version of the service called YouTube Red yesterday. Basically users pay $10 a month and they get access to ad-free videos, offline playback, and access to more original content. Sounds good, right? However it seems that not everyone is too thrilled about it.According to a report from Reuters, Disney’s ESPN has announced that they will no longer be making their content available on YouTube following the […]

YouTube Red For iOS Subscribers Will Cost More
YouTube Red was officially announced today which for those unfamiliar, is basically the subscription version of YouTube where viewers get to watch videos without ads, new original content, support for offline play, and more. It also costs $9.99 a month to subscribe, which we suppose given that it’s bundled with Google Play Music makes it a pretty sweet deal.However if you are planning on subscribing to YouTube Red via your […]

YouTube Red Brings Ad-Free Original Content For $9.99 Per Month
Over the past few months it has been reported time and again that YouTube is developing a new subscription service that will provide users with an ad-free experience. Recently we heard that the company is also creating new content with some of the biggest creators on YouTube and that it will keep that content behind the paywall so that there’s more value for subscribers and the service is more enticing […]