Last month it was teased that developer Hideo Kojima would be launching his own YouTube series that he’s calling HideoTube. It was unclear as to what it was supposed to be about at that time, but the first video has been uploaded in which it is basically a video about him talking about his Top 10 movies of 2015.

For his first episode he has a guest with him in the form of Kenji Yano, and both of them discuss what they think are the top 10 movies of last year. It is a particularly long segment (about 45 minutes in length), so you’ll want to sit back, grab some popcorn and some drinks and watch the discussion unfold.

We’re not sure what the direction Kojima is taking here, but for now it doesn’t seem like his YouTube channel might have anything to do with gaming. Maybe eventually he will discuss gaming topics, but for now it does seem to be a tad general, but if you’re a fan of the developer who has brought us wonderful franchises like Metal Gear Solid, then maybe you’ll want to start following him on YouTube.

In the meantime Kojima has launched his own studio in the form of Kojima Productions. The first game that they will be putting out will be in partnership with Sony. What exactly this entails is anyone’s guess, but hopefully we’ll learn more about it on his YouTube series.

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