htc one m10While HTC’s smartphones aren’t bad, they aren’t exactly up to par especially against the likes of Samsung. However could HTC be planning on turning things around with the HTC One M10? That’s what HTC’s chairwoman Cher Wang said last year when she promised that we could expect a redesigned HTC flagship for 2016.

So much so that according to the latest rumors, it seems that the company’s upcoming flagship might not be called the HTC One M10, a name that makes sense based on the progression of HTC’s phones, and also based on the rumors as well. According to the latest report, HTC is said to be launching the phone under a new name.

HTC is expected to keep the “One” in the brand, but it won’t be called the M10. Given that this handset is supposed to help rejuvenate the company and their image, we suppose it would make sense that HTC will want to break away from the M-lineup and opt for something newer and fresher.

What exactly will it be known as is anyone’s guess, so do take this report with a grain of salt for now. That being said, HTC is also rumored to be skipping the phone’s announcement at MWC, and could be instead opting for an announcement at a separate event of their own on the 11th of April, so if you were hoping to learn more about the device this month, you could be disappointed.

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