htc-logo-sketchSo we know that rumors have suggested that HTC has a smartwatch in the works. The question is, with all the different smartwatches out there, what can HTC come up with that will truly blow away the competition and set itself apart? After all many devices offer the same features like fitness tracking and notifications. There are many that also run on Android Wear.


Many have also adopted classy/elegant designs, so how will HTC be able to compete? We can’t be sure right now, but HTC seems to be pretty confident about what they’ll be able to offer. Speaking at MWC 2016 during an interview, HTC’s CEO Cher Wang expressed her confidence in her company’s ability to create a wearable which she believes will shake up the industry.

According to Wang, “When HTC comes out with a smartwatch, we will turn the industry on its head.” Note that Wang does not confirm that HTC has a smartwatch in the works, despite the rumors that suggest otherwise, but rather she seems confident that if and when HTC does release such a device, it will be amazing.

HTC’s CFO who also present suggested that the company was still looking at how a smartwatch would fit into HTC’s lineup. So far the Apple Watch appears to be leading the way in terms of smartwatches and has managed to capture the lion’s share of the market, with Samsung coming in second, so what do you guys think HTC could do in order to amaze the public?

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