gps-spoofGPS technology is pretty useful in helping us get from one point to another, but what happens when you use it to track people – particularly those who have been deemed by the legal system as “high risk offenders”? This is certainly an interesting question to ponder over, as the town council of Williams Lake, British Columbia, has already passed an unanimous motion to implant GPS trackers in such “high risk offenders.”

Do bear in mind that there is no such thing as an implantable GPS tracker at this point in time, although who are we to say that something like this will not become reality in the years to come? After all, there was no such device known as a smartphone half a decade ago, right?

This particular motion was introduced a councillor known as Scott Nelson, who claimed that ankle cuffs are simply inadequate, as such imaginary implantable GPS trackers could be ideal to keep track of the likes of “harassers, sex offenders, or people smashing stuff in the community.”

I think at this point in time, it would be best to have GPS devices work and assist us on our quest to remain fit and trim, such as the recently announced Garmin Vivoactive HR GPS smartwatch.

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