touchid-640x431Earlier this month we reported that users who got their phones fixed by unofficial repair shops had the chance of getting their phones bricked in the latest iOS update. This is because sometimes these shops will replace the connector between the Touch ID sensor and the iPhone’s home button, which is usually standard procedure when replacing broken/faulty home buttons.

While touted as a security feature, which is understandable, users weren’t too happy with it (which also resulted in a class action lawsuit) and the good news is that Apple has decided to give in. The company has recently issued an updated version of the iOS 9.2.1 software that should restore iPhones that have been bricked as a result of Error 53.

We should point out that this update is only for those who update their phones by plugging it into their computers. If you typically update your iPhone via OTA updates, then your device should not have been bricked to begin with. However if you update by plugging your phone into your computer and update via iTunes, then plug your device in, download this latest update, and by right it should restore it.

We should also note that while your phone will be restored, Touch ID functionality will not work. As pointed out by TechCrunch, malicious repair shops could potentially have messed with your hardware so as to gain unauthorized access to your device. The upside is that you can get your Touch ID replaced/fixed by Apple if you’d like the feature back.

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