iphone-5s-review-014Apple’s 4-inch iPhone has been rumored about for a while now. Some had initially pegged it as the iPhone 6c, but later it was suggested that it could be called the iPhone 5se due to its resemblance to Apple’s iPhone 5 lineup, but now a new report has suggested that the device could simply be known as the iPhone SE.

Apparently Apple has decided to drop the 5 from the moniker, which we reckon would make sense, especially since this year we are expecting to see the iPhone 7, meaning that by calling it the iPhone 5se, those who don’t follow Apple-related news might be confused and think that this is an old model.

The SE in its name is meant to indicate the fact that it is an enhanced and special edition version of the iPhone 5s, and from what we can tell it certainly is. 9to5Mac’s sources have also heard that the handset is expected to replace the iPhone 5s and will also take over its price points, making it a relatively affordable handset for those who can’t afford Apple’s flagships.

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone SE on the 22nd of March, alongside a potentially minor refreshed Apple Watch, a 9.7-inch iPad Pro, and possibly MacBook refreshes as well.

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