Nerf guns are fun. Thanks to the use of foam darts and bullets, they aren’t particularly painful when hit, although we suppose it is also thanks to the fact that most Nerf guns fire at relatively slow speeds, or at least speeds slow enough where it isn’t as painful upon impact, unlike paintball or BB guns.

However that has changed. Recently at the New York Toy Fair, Nerf unveiled one of their latest creations in the form of the Nerf KHAOS, a new gun from their RIVAL range that can apparently shoot at speeds of up to 68mph. Given how many Nerf enthusiasts have the propensity to mod their guns to make them into automatic or semi-automatic guns, Nerf saved its customers the trouble here.

As pointed out by LordDraconical in the video above, this gun has a conveyer belt of sorts that helps fling the foam balls out at high speeds. All you have to do is hold down on the trigger and it will keep firing. The cartridge is also massive as it sports four chambers, with each holding about 10 Nerf balls each, so safe to say you won’t run out of ammo anytime soon.

The downside is the reloading it can be a tad slow and troublesome compared to some of their other creations, but the speed and ammo capacity might be worth it. Nerf expects to release this gun in the fall where it will cost $69.99.

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